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It is hard to ask for this, but is there any organization or initiative that deals with this?

Thank you
asked Nov 26, 2015 in Healthcare by Hayessa

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Hello Hayessa, none of us can even imagine what you must have been through. I guess you should try to reach the social services staff at your initial reception facility and ask there for help. There are also several institutions that can help you overcome your trauma. You can obtain the addresses from the “National Working Group of Psychosocial Centers for Refugees and Torture Victims” (Bundesweite Arbeitsgemeinschaft der psychosozialen Zentren für Flüchtlinge und Folteropfer, BAfF or from the German Red Cross  (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz).
answered Nov 26, 2015 by Alex
Thank you Alex, really
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There is also this website with many more local contacts:
answered Jan 2, 2016 by Dave
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You can use an online platform
We are working on bringing it to Germany now so there will be one to one counseling available too.

Hope this can help!
answered Feb 8, 2016 by kat_
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I found an interesting project in Berlin for traumatized refugees called "Prothege"
answered Jul 12, 2016 by TomTom
Hi @tomtom, Thanks for the tip! I just noticed that the link you gave for the facebook page might not be the right one. Here's my suggestion: Please edit your comment if you think you actually meant this page. Thanks for the collaboration, Paolo
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