hi there,
about 3 months ago i claimed asylum in Luxembourg, but now i want to move to Germany to treat possible cancer.
When i did the Medical examination here in Luxembourg, which is mandatory to all asylum seekers...they did an x ray to me, there something wrong came up, and ordered me to do a Thorax Scanner....there showed 4 Nodules on my Lungs (Multiple Pulmonary Nodules)....this is very likely to be cancer....but here is a small country and i feel that even for getting a diagnosis its going to take a Long Time...
I ve been researching and it seems that in Germany are good in Diagnosing cancer and treating it as well.
Can anybody shed some light on this please.

Best Regards,
asked Sep 14, 2017 in Healthcare by Javi | 2,544 views

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Hello @Javi

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Nevertheless, welcome to our community!

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the Luxembourgian healthcare/asylum system. Have you talked to your doctors about your concerns? If not, I'd suggest to get in touch with 1) your doctors or 2) the Luxembourgian aliens department to find out 1) which options of treatment you have on location and 2) if there is a possibility to be treated in Germany if necessary.

I really don't want to disencourage you, but it seems that medical treatment for refugees in Germany is not as easy as it might seem. I found an article from 1,5 years ago that describes the situation (German language):


In short: There is no national solution on how to treat refugees - every federal state has its own rules. In addition you need a lot of patience because it might take a while to get full health insurance coverage and the rules on what benefits you are entitled to are pretty vague.

It's probably even harder for refugees that have been granted asylum in other countries to get into the German healthcare system - if it is possible at all. That's why I'd recommend to talk to your contact person in Luxembourg first to check your options.

Best regards,
answered Sep 15, 2017 by Thor
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