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Hello everyone ,

I'm from Syria and i arrived to Germany before 15 days ago as regfugee and I stay with four persons in bradenburg ( eberswalde )
 and my interview in 22 of December .
My brothers stay in dotermond and one of my brothers is child and their interview this week.
So what can i do to stay with them??? What's the process that can I do?
I pleasure to get help from you...
asked Nov 19, 2015 in Asylum proceedings by Nadimo
First of all: it is possible. You have a right to stay together as a family. Practically I have no idea who long it takes in the moment that you get the permission. Because you have to ask for it. Later I can have a look for more information. Perhaps you need a lawyer who helps you with that. Because have a right and get your rights is difficult with german burocraty... for lawyer support you can ask for financial help for the consultation... ask the social helpers if there are some in eberswalde...
But also tell your brothers that the interview is very important. Also you are from Syria and your chances for Asylum are very good you should take it serious. Here is an information in english about it
Hello Bobby, next time could you please post the answer in the answer box below, so that the other users know the question has been answered?. Thanks a million :)

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If your brother is a minor and you are an adult, you are his caretaker and should be put together automatically. If he is not a minor, it might be different. In any case, make clear in the interview where your brother is, that you need to stay with him and has his full name written down according to his passport so that your interviewer can track him in the system. Your brother should do the same in his interview.
answered Dec 16, 2015 by Janette
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