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I have a wife and two children at the camp in Degenburg (?). The husband of the wife is in Denmark and she wants to go to Denmark and him.
The police is trying to force her to seek asylum in Germany.
Have the rules changed over the weekend?
asked Nov 9, 2015 in Asylum proceedings by Nussi

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Hi Nussi,
we just got a Tipp from a Friend who would like to know if your woman had one or two fingerprints made? She said that one Fingerprint is just for criminal record and everyone has to do this. Two fingerprints are for Asylum. If your woman had done two fingerprints, she can't seek for asylum in an other country.
She also said, that no family can be forced to seek for asylum.

answered Nov 10, 2015 by Conny
Hi Conny
I have located the woman and she is now en route to here. I have to find out if she had one or two fingerprints taken. It helps a lot with this information because there is a breach of information so I try from my spot and seek as much info as I possibly can to know how things work from upon arriving EU and through the routes throughout Balkan and all the way up here. Your help has been very very helpful. Thanks a million. It's great to find people who know
I just got answer. The woman only got one set of fingerprints taken so she's going to be able to seek asylum in Denmark.
great to hear that! With you all the best :)
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Hello Nussi,

sad to hear about that story. Here is what I found out:

1. Do you mean Degenburg? Because it is in the Netherlands
2. In German law they can not force you to seek Asylum. But if she refuses to do so, she is still illegal so the police tries to interact.

So.... basically she is right and she can leave but it can be much effort to make that happen.
She needs to look for an advisor or lawyer on the spot who can help her with her case.

Hope I could help
answered Nov 10, 2015 by Nico
I wasn't sure what the name of the camp they go to near Munich.
It helped because the worry was that new rules had happened over the weekend but I assume it must have been an overly eager police officer there Monday morning. Thanks a million for your answer
Glad we could help! All the best for the future of the woman and hopefully she gets back to her husband
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