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I am waiting for the asylum decision, is there any way I could bring my family over here? Thank you.
asked Oct 6, 2015 in Legal advice by Tata
I would also like to bring my family, that looks complicated...
No, before you have the decision, there is no legal way. It's hard, but you hav to waite.
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Hello Tata, I think this information can be useful. I found it here:

- "As long as your asylum application is still being processed, there is usually no way to reunite your family in Germany, unless they already made it to different places across Europe".

- "If you've been recognized as a refugee in Germany, you can file a request for family reunification with the immigrant authority ("Ausländerbehörde") within in the first three months after having been recognized as such".
answered Oct 8, 2015 by Beatriz
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The only legal way is to have someone, who is going to invite them...
answered Oct 8, 2015 by CaBu
How to invite them?
Persons who are living in Germany may invite a person from an other country. But this possibility exists only for relatives ! And the person who invites,  must give guarantees that he is able to pay für everything. Nevertheless the guest then has the right to ask for asyl here. I can request this invitation in Germany, but only for my relatives and I hav to prove, that I hav enough money to pay everything for them, even the doctor or anything. It's very difficult to get this permission, because the most people don't earn enogh monay, that the government gives this permission.
But it's a way to get a legal visa.
ok I think I understand
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