I live in Germany for 10 years by now and I have german citizenship. I have two kids in Lebanon who are still under 14 years old. they live with their mother (we are divorced) now my kids want to come to live with me in Germany, but they want to come with their mother. I am desperate to get any ideas how I can get my kids and their mothertoether to live in Germany, please do not hestitate to write what you know. any small Information could help bring them here
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Hi. If you are divorced why bring the mother? Again you also can't separate them from the mother. For you to bring the kids they should be a mutual agreement. Are you ready to move to a big house to accommodate them, chores, school, etc? When they reach 16 they will required to have German C1 language to reunite with you.

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Hi @fadi12345

Your children are entitled to come to Germany as the children of a German citizen. They apply for a visa from the German embassy in Beirut and once in Germany apply for residence permits from your local Ausländerbehörde.

The situation with their mother is more complicated. She can apply for a residence permit as a parent of a child who has a residence permit in Germany. However, this is only allowed in cases where it is necessary to avoid what is called extraordinary hardship. She will have to show that her situation is such a case when making her application at the embassy. It is not enough to mention the separation from her children or the general situation in Lebanon. Her personal circumstances must be such that to deny her a visa would cause this extraordinary hardship.

In addition, the mother has to prove she can be financially self-sufficient in Germany.  



answered May 17 by mbeon-Éanna
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