Hello good evening everyone.  How can i make appointment for immigration office in bremen . Im italian holder of long term permit i want to come and work . Can i subit the working contract and house registration to immigration office and a lawyer for a fast approval for work permit before the resident will be ready . Please give me some information.  . Im italian resident permit holder . And i have a son in germany he has a resident permit too.
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Hi @Derek

I have looked at the website of the immigration office in Bremen but could find no option to make an appointment. You submit an application to them and if your application is approved, they will make an appointment for you to provide your biometric data. You will then at a later date pick up your resident permit.

To be allowed to work here, you must have the residence permit from Italy called ‘soggiornante di lungo period – CE od. UE’. You submit this with your job offer and house registration to the immigration office.

The type of permit you are applying for is according to paragraph 38a of the immigration law. It isn’t that well known and so the website in Bremen did not have information I could find. But the office in Frankfurt provides some detail on it:


You cannot start working until a decision is made on your application.

You can ask a lawyer to submit your application for you but it is not necessary and it will not be processed faster.



answered May 17 by mbeon-Éanna
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