I have recently completed my Ausbildung or nursing diploma and looking forward to leave Germany and move to another country for work. How can I do this? I want to move within 1 year.  Sorry but the things that I had to face here and I am facing broke me down completely. I am completely done. The mental harassment has gone far beyond. I cant take this anymore.
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Hi @Sidra

I’m sorry to read of your negative experience. The rules for moving to another country to work will vary according to each country. As a general rule, you will have to go through a visa process. Your nursing qualification will have to be recognised and you will have to show you have sufficient language skills to work in that country.

As you speak English, you could **** at the UK or Ireland.

In the UK, to work as a nurse you need to be registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council, here the process is explained:


If you have a job offer to work in the UK, you can then apply for a UK health care worker visa:


 In Ireland, the professional registration is with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland. Here it explains the process of having a foreign nursing qualification recognised to work n Ireland:


Once your qualification is recognised and you have a job offer, you can apply for an Irish ‘Critical Skills Emplöoyment Permit’. Registered nurses are on the list of professions that are entitled to this critical skills permit:




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I am really grateful to you guys for helping and assisting us! Thank you so much ☺️.
One more question as I got the contract for my job, then how can I approach the visa officer for a residence permit? Which permit will I get?
You're very welcome!

I assume your newer question is about a job contract you have received in Germany and not abroad.

As I understand it, you have up to now had an Ausbildungsduldung. You have now completed your Ausbildung and have a job offer.

You should apply for a residence permit according to paragraph 19d of the Aufenthaltsgesetz. This paragraph is for people who have a Duldung (including Ausbildungsduldung) and have completed an Ausbildung.

The only detailed information I found in English about this type of permit was from the immigration office in the city of Münster. The rules, however, are the same throughout Germany:


Here is also detailed information on this type of permit (in English via online translation):


As for how to apply, each Ausländerbehörde varies a bit in how it works. You can always send an application by post or by email to your local Ausländerbehörde. Some Ausländerbehörde have an online application process which should speed up the process, like this one in Frankfurt:


The one in Münster I linked asks applicants to book an appointment and come in person with the documents. It also provides a list of the required documents.

Best of luck with it!
Thank you for the detailed information!
That is amazing!
Hello, today I had appointment with Ausländerbehörde and he gave me another appointment and informed me that I will be given 2 years stay permit. Is this niederlassungserlaubnis/settlement permit? Or have I mistaken it for some other permit? Please please answer!

It is not the Niederlassungserluabnis/ settlement permit. The Niederlassungserlaubnis is unlimited, permanent residency. It does not have an end date.

You will receive a regular limited residence permit. From what you have previously written, I presume this is in accordance with paragraph 19d of the Aufenthaltsgesetz. This type of permit is for people who had a Duldung and completed an Ausbildung or university studies and are now working. You will receive a letter (called a 'Bescheid') referring to this and '19d' will also be written on the front of your card when you get it.

The Niederlassungserlaubnis is only possible after first having spent a certain amount of time with 19d and fulfilling certain other conditions.

Here there is detailed information about the Niederlassungserlaubnis in Englisch:

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