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I (Moroccan) m a wife of an Ukrainian citizen , married since 2018 but i don't have permanent stay in Ukraine fue to covid and war events i was just in process of applying to it . who couldn't leave Ukraine due to war law that is not allowing men from  18 to 60 to leave, i left Ukraine after 24/02 i was living legally there before war for around 5 years, and I went to  Italy where i been granted a temporary protection of six months but then came to Germany as I physically couldn't live in Italy, I applied for protection but after half year it was rejected cause said my original country is safe , i was admitted to clinic cause of my physical health and because i m autistic now i have a Duldung for a stay for few months. I want to know if there is something within the law that can grant me protection as I m in this situation for a year and 4 months now here in Germany and the immigration office is not very much cooperating.
asked Apr 19 in Asylum proceedings by Fayza | 363 views

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Hi @Fayza

Unfortunately, I cannot see any option for you to receive a resident permit of the basis of humanitarian protection based on what you have written. You are not entitled to temporary protection. If you wish to have your need of protection fully assessed, then you can apply for asylum.  

If your wife is resident in Germany and has temporary protection, then she will first have to change to another type of residence permit if you are to be allowed to stay as her spouse. For example, if she changed to a residence permit as a skilled worker and was earning enough money to cover your costs as a household, you could then be issued a permit as her spouse.



answered May 16 by mbeon-Éanna
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