I do my ausbildung in a small field on the country side and i always wanted to live in the city, i got a contract there and would like to change places, i am 8 months in in my current place and have an Aufenthalttitle depended on my current work place
asked Mar 31 in Legal advice by Obi | 1,428 views

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Ausbildungs probation only 4 months. As now you are on safe zone. First of all find another employer.then get new Ausbildungs contract. After that you need to submit new employers trasfer to IHK. then only ypu need to submit termination from current employer. Once everything done do npt forget tp change employers and your address with IHK and berufkollege. Because it is very important when it comes to final exams
answered Apr 15 by Coop
Thanks for taking the time to answer, I already have a potential new employer, i was wondering if my current employer is able to refuse my “Kündigung”
No you cangive Kündigung. But 4 weeks notice period applicable. Moreover potential word is not enough. You need to make sure about new employers contract and validity through IHK
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