Hello,I would like to have more information on section 16g of Ausbildung Duldung.what is the current status?can we apply from the first of March?
asked Feb 6 in Education by Ulemu | 631 views
I don’t know why people are so hyped up about the reformed 16g. It’s not going to bring any extra facilities other than no travel restriction in Europe. We don’t really much care about the travel restrictions for Europe as long as I have a easier career choice after completing the training.
Well at least  it’s better than a Duldung then even better after the Ausbildung
You are absolutely right. Section 16g of the AufenthG also comes with an extra 20 hours of work permit per week, which is definitely an advantage. Otherwise, for every minijob, we must go to the ABH and apply for a work permit, which was annoying and disturbing. Now, if we at least have a resident permit, this can be converted to something else, and one of the more advantages is that the time spent on this permit will count towards citizenship. Therefore, no more time wasted. Moreover, beggars must not be choosers. I'm looking forward to the good times ahead. Even though I am a little bit concerned about what will happen if I cannot secure a job within six months of completing the Ausbildung.
Praying they draft it so soon ,I miss travelling.hoping for the best

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Hi @Ulemu

Yes, you can now apply for the residence permit 16g. The main differences in the requirements for this permit and the Ausbildungsduldung are that for 16g:

  • You have to show you have enough money to support yourself. However, it is possible to apply for the benefit BAB (Berufsausbildungsbeihilfe) from the Agentur für Arbeit. If this is not enough, you can get the benefit Bürgergeld additionally from the Jobcenter.
  • You must have a passport, or show that you have made all attempts to try to obtain one.



answered Mar 1 by mbeon-Éanna
How can we apply for it. Today I was at the auslanderbehorde and they said they dont know anything about it. What is the procedure to apply?
Hie Ny basically your suppose to go to the Duldung section at Ausländerbehorde then there they will tell you what to bring.that’s exactly what I did.then you will become the residence permit
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