I am have basically applied for Asylum in the past months to stay in Germany as my Schengen came to an end and I wanted to stay with my partner to whom I got married to . we are currently applying for the residence permit, When Applied for asylum I handed in my passport amongst other papers, How can I get it back?  The thing is I came to Europe Invited and supported by cultural programs here and back from my home country. So basically been granted the Schengen visa to Germany twice and I am married to a German.  does that help?
asked Jun 12, 2023 in Legal advice by eternalsunshine | 425 views

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Hello @eternalsunshine

Your passport can only be returned to you once it is no longer required for your asylum case and you have been issued with a residence permit. The relevant legal text is paragraph 65 of the residency law (Aufenthaltsgesetz). Here you can read it in online translation:


Once you have your permit, you can request the return of your passport. The authorities will decide whether they need to retain it as part of the asylum process or not.



answered Jun 23, 2023 by mbeon-Éanna
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Hello Wefugees

Please I am British living in  Germany for about 7 to 8 yrs but now I have been granted  indefinite residence card my question is do I qualify for German Passport and what is the process.

Kind regard
answered Jun 25, 2023 by Shopwell first
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