Im lebanese and i married my german wife in Denmark on the 4th of November 2021.In Denmark they asked me are you single,?i said no, im divorced and i signed my divorce papers in 2020.So we got married and i got my residency in germany and i work as a manager in a company with unlimited contract.i have 2 kids from.previous marriage and my ex lebanese wife wants to get married so she gave me full custody of the 2 kids who are under 14 of age so i can get to Germany, but the problem is that my official divorve paper came out on Feb 2nd 2022 so after 3 months from my marriage in Denmark and i have already applied for family reunion,
Would that cause me an issue, and stop the kids from coming here?  knowing that i have the divorce contract copy i signed with my ex and our lawyer in 2020
asked Apr 21, 2023 in Legal advice by Pinpointamz | 253 views

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Hi @Pinpointamz

In my view what is important is the date when the divorce became legally binding. Was it binding from the point at which you and your ex-wife signed it in 2020? This depends on the divorce law of the country the divorce took place in. In such a situation, you were eligible to marry when you did so in Denmark and the documentation around the divorce simply came out later.

According to the Danish authorities, if you wish to marry there, you have to provide evidence that you are divorced from any previous marriages. The fact that they allowed you to marry indicates that they checked this. Their website states this:

If you have previously been married, you must enclose documentation that the marriage has been dissolved by divorce, death or annulment:

  • photo or copy of divorce decree or
  • photo or copy or death certificate
  • photo or copy or marriage annulment.


If the divorce did, however, only become legally binding on a date after your marriage in Denmark, then I advise you to seek legal advice as this would have serious implications on the validity of your marriage, residency status and family reunification.



answered May 10, 2023 by mbeon-Éanna
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