Hello, will I, as the civil husband of a Ukrainian citizen, be given temporary protection under paragraph 24 in Germany if I am a citizen of another country? If I do not have a residence permit in Ukraine, but was legally staying there until 24.02.22,
I have already received a term for going to the LEA, but my visa that I received in another EU country will expire by then. I received a certificate about applying for the 24th paragraph, will I have problems because of the visa?
asked Apr 19, 2023 in Legal advice by Wizzard | 168 views

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Hi @Wizzard 

Your situation depends on whether your spouse is with you in Germany. If so, you are entitled to temporary protection under paragraph 24. The condition for paragraph 24 is that you were living together as a family in the Ukraine before the war broke out and had to leave as a result. If your situation is so, the visa for another country is not relevant. If your spouse is not with you in Germany, then it is more complicated. Let us know if this is the case and I can provide more detail.



answered Apr 28, 2023 by mbeon-Éanna
Yes, she is with me, but we're not married, and we were living together in Ukraine. I already applied for paragraph 24, and I have staying/working permission, waiting for the LEA termin. Rules say there'll be no problem if we are not married, but still nervous about it :) Thank you, for your help!
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