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I'm asking on behalf of my friend who has asylum application case is still under court. She looks forward to join her fiancée who lives to the United States. I would like to ask if it is possible to join her fiancée to the United States.  Her case is still under process to the court here in germany.  At which circumstances can  be allowed to join her fiancé, has she required to withdraw her asylum application first that she may proceed k1 visa ? Again is that possible to do it here in germany or she has to go back to her country of origin first?

Thank you
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Not sure what requirements are for USA but i was able to obtain a visa to join my wife in UK.

My asylum was refused in Germany, i received a duldung because I couldn't be deported.

A duldung is not a permit but still shows you are  tolerated in Germany

I applied for my passport without telling Auslanderbehorde and applied for visa to join my wife and was accepted.

i'd wait for your friend to see what's the outcome for his proceedings are and then move from there

answered Mar 30 by Moro11
I am about to finish my ausbildung, is it possible that I can cancel my asylum and turn it to work visa? I am living in Germany since 6 years and my identity is cleared as I have submitted my passport to the Ausländerbehörde. You mentioned that you have applied for a passport , may I know what type of passport are you talking about? How did you apply? I have already submitted my original passport to the Ausländerbehörde.
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