Dear Team, I have applied asylum with my wife in 2019 August. I had Dublin decision during corona time. However later on 2021 August I found Ausbildung. 1.5 year almost done woth Ausbildung. I didn't get any answers for asylum interview though is it ok to withdraw my asylum application anf get Ausbildungs Duldung? I had 10 hours interview with bamf regarding asylum proces. Nearly 3 years no answer yet. When I try to renewal of my passport my Embessy ask asylum removal letter. Without that I can't get my passport renewal done. I jave 1.5 years more to go with Ausbildung. Is it ok to withdraw asylum application and go ahead with Ausbildung Duldung and end of Ausbildung apply resident permit under paragraph 19? Please guide me with process. Me amd my wife both doing Ausbildung and both under asylum. Currently having Aufenthalgestatung. What is the best option and different between both? No way to get my country passport without this letter too.
asked Mar 1, 2023 in Asylum proceedings by Coop | 132 views

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Dear @Coop,

While you are still in the asylum process, you are not obliged to obtain a passport. The fact that you have contacted your embassy can have a negative impact on your asylum application. A question from my side would be why you are attempting to obtain a passport while in the asylum process?

We cannot provide legal advice here and so I cannot say if withdrawing your asylum application in order to receive an Ausbildungsduldung would be the correct decision. My question here would be what benefit you would have from changing your status from Aufenthaltsgestattung to Ausbildungsduldung? As long as your case is still undecided, you may still end up having your asylum application accepted and receiving a residence permit, with which you can continue your Ausbildung and work. An Ausbildungsduldung is not a residence permit. It is the lesser status of Duldung with some protection against deportation while you are doing the Ausbildung. If anything would happen during the Ausbildung (health problems, issues with the company etc.) then oyu lose this status unless you find a new Ausbildung.



answered Mar 10, 2023 by mbeon-Éanna
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