At some borders which are visa free for my nationality, I am refused entry because I am not able to produce a national ID showing my nationality, because I carry my Reiseausweis from Germany.
asked Nov 8, 2022 in Legal advice by S3 | 359 views

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Dear @S3,

As you have a Reiseausweis from Germany and an Aufenthaltstitel for 3 years, I am assuming you received a refugee status from Germany. If this is the case, you cannot renew your national ID, if it is solely for the purpose of making travelling easier. Doing so can result in BAMF re-examining your case and cancelling your status.

Contacting the authorities of your home country and renewing documents with them is considered seeking the protection of the home country. Such contact does not automatically mean a person loses their status; there are certain cases where it may be seen as necessary and acceptable. But the reason for doing so you provide, i.e. to make travel easier, would not be such a case. I therefore advise you against any contact with the authorities of your home country.



answered Nov 11, 2022 by mbeon-Éanna

Dear Éana,

Thank you so much. It is very clear now.

Best wishes

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