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In May this year i went to my Embassy in Berlin to renew my passport but till now it is still not ready. Last week i got a letter at my work that they would give me an unbefristet contract but i need to show my recent work permit because my old one would expire in October.

Now my question is, can i take the paper i was given at my Embassy on the day i renewed my passport, work contract and the letter i got at work to the Ausländerbehörde; maybe they can renew my Resident card? I can’t afford this lose this job :(
asked 6 days ago in Legal advice by Flint

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Dear @Flint,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community.

I am sorry to hear about your struggles. There is no general answer to your question though. Whether a residence permit can be extended without a passport depends on the individual situation and the residence permit. A recognized refugee or a person with Subsidiary protection, for instance, shouldn’t face difficulties to extend the residence permit without a valid passport. This, unfortunately, doesn’t apply for people who came to Germany i.e. in a family reunification procedure. Here you can find an interesting article on this issue. 

In any case, I recommend to contact the immigration office directly and to explain them your situation. You may also discuss your case in a migration counseling office.

All the best,


answered 6 days ago by Meike
Thank you for the prompt response, i will call or go to the immigration and i hope i can resolve this issue as soon as possible.
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Hello ! and welcome to Wefugees. Thank you for contacting us with your question we will be happy to help you. If your passport is not ready yet you should get a temporary one, if it is not ready yet you can call the embassy.
Do you have any other questions regarding your stay or your work permit in general?

With kind regards
Saskia from Wefugees
answered 6 days ago by Saskia Wefugees
Not at the moment just scared i might lose my job due to this issue :(
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