Me and my family(two kids and wife) came to germany in 2019. We all had our passports,which had 5 years of validity- which we provided to ausländer behorde.

It now looks like a bad decision.

Anyways, last year me and my wife had  another son. naturally he does not have a passport.

My lawyer recently told me, i could get a deportation order very oon as my court case if very likely to be rejected.

Now my question is, can Ausländer Behörde deport me and my family, without a passport for my daughter ?
asked Jul 14, 2022 in Asylum proceedings by jawad | 461 views
Dear @mbeon-Ruth, @mbeon-Christine, @mbeon-SandraB and @mbeon-Éanna, could you have a **** at this question and maybe help with an advice? Thank you and best wishes, Julia.

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Hi @jawad, Generally a person has to have a valid passport before the authorities can deport them. However, Germany has agreements with some countries whereby the home country will accept a temporary travel document issued by Germany for the person. This means that Germany issues a document for the person and they are then deported with it. However, it is difficult to obtain clear information on this process, i.e. with which countries it is being done, how often, and how the procedure works in practice. It is therefore difficult for me to say how likely or unlikely this is to happen in your situation. Kind regards, Éanna
answered Jul 25, 2022 by mbeon-Éanna
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