I would like to know how to officially register an existing remote job in Germany?

I work remotely with a company that is not registered in Germany, I have a consulting contract with them. I currently have an Estonian visa (digital nomad), but I need to establish myself and stay in Berlin. I do not want to change jobs at the moment, but I want to apply for a normal visa with an existing job in order to be able to have long-term housing contract and insurance, etc. I considered the option of registering here as a self-employee, but there is not much information about this. I will be grateful for any help!

I arrived to Berlin at the beginning of Feb 2022, my wife have a studying visa in Germany, and her family arrived in march and applied for refugee status already.

Many thanks for any help.
asked Jul 14, 2022 in Legal advice by Bohdan | 310 views
Dear @Bohdan, welcome to Wefugees and thanks for sharing your question with us. I will link our dear experts here @mbeon-fardeen and @mbeon-Éanna here, maybe they can help you with an answer. Kind regards, Julia.
Dear @Bohdan, a heartly welcome from me, too. In order to provide you with an accurate answer, I would need some more information, as there are different procedures for 1. EU-citizens 2. even non EU-citizens holding a long-tern residence permit in an EU member country 3. Ukrainian citizens 4. Citizens of the not yet listed states, i.e. so called third-state-nationals. who want to establish themselves in Germany as digital nomads. Germany, in contrast to some other countries, has no special program for digital nomads yet, but there is a possibility to apply for a visa as a freelancer under some conditions. Therefore, a general answer is not possible. As you shouldn't provide personal data in a public forum, you also have the opportunity to drop me a few lines at mbeon (***.mbeon.de). Mbeon is a data secure app, where no one can read your messages. You'll find me under my name "München, Frau Müller". Kind regards mbeon-Christine

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Dear @Bohdan, I hope the answer my colleague and expert mbeon-Christine gave here could answer your question, otherwise feel free to contact us again. Best wishes, Julia.
answered Aug 8, 2022 by Julia_Wefugees
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