Hi, Nikola here. I am Blue card holder. I am writing for my wife. She is having Fiktionsbescheinigung for another 11 months. That means that if she leaves Germany within this period, she looses residence (although she could wait for 3 month and come back as tourist). We do not want that, since we got baby in Berlin one month ago.

We would like to apply for family reunion. More specific -  for her to obtain Residence permit for spouses and children of holders of an EU Blue Card. Is it possible to obtain it without going through home embassy, staying in Berlin? Since she is a mother of baby born in Germany, is it better option to settle visa for baby first and then for her to apply for Residence permit for spouses, parents and children of foreign citizens (general)

Which option will last longer?

I appreciate answers. Thank you very much.

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asked Nov 9, 2020 in Legal advice by Dukadini
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