I had duldung but now its revoked and I have gestattung im working n applied for umverteilung. I don't want to depend on sozialamt n want to make my own living.
asked Jun 18, 2022 in Home & Living by sheikhimransir | 241 views
Dear @sheikhimransir, welcome to Wefugees and thanks for reaching out to us. I am not sure if I understand your question correctly, could you please be a little more specific? Do you want to know if it is possible to work? Or whether the Umverteilung is going to succeed if you have already found work at the new place? Looking forward to your answer. Best wishes, Julia

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My duldung is revoked & im working. I've applied for umverteilung . My concern is will i get permission to stay in a private house . I've sent all my relevant documents to including umverteilung to auslanderbehorde
answered Jun 20, 2022 by sheikhimransir
Dear @sheikhimransir, thanks for your quick reply. I will link our dear colleague @mbeon-Gabriele here, maybe she can help you with an answer. Best wishes, Julia.
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Hello @Sheikhimransir, How nice that you have turned to WeFugees with your question. Your information is also slightly "unclear" for me, so I would first like to explain in general terms the difference between Duldung and Gestattung: As long as you are in your asylum procedure and a final decision has not yet been made on it (e.g. because there has not yet been a judgement on a complaint that has been filed), you will be granted a Gestattung. - It allows you to stay here legally and to work (after an initial blocking period of 3 months). - In return, you are obliged to live in municipal accommodation and are subject to a residence requirement in the respective municipality. - Redistribution to another city or federal state can/must be applied for at the competent district government, e.g. due to taking up employment or family reunification. Unfortunately, the processing time for redistribution applications takes several weeks. - Since many municipal accommodations are very full at the moment, there are cities that allow you to **** for a flat privately even with a permit and the perspective of staying. If you can pay for your flat yourself, it is of course easier than if the social welfare office has to pay for it. This would have to be clarified with the city directly. - The same applies to relocation to another city. If you are granted permission, you will also need the approval of the respective city to take a private flat there. This is because you are still subject to the regulations of the asylum procedure, which stipulate this. The situation is somewhat different with a Duldung. A Duldung is NOT a residence title. It says that the holder is obliged to leave the country, but that there is a reason why this is not possible at the moment. Visually, the Duldung often looks like a Gestattung - that's why it sometimes leads to confusion. - It is only ever issued for a short period of time and must be renewed regularly. - With a Duldung, you CAN be allowed to work for a certain employer. This is explicitly stated on the permit. However, the work can also be prohibited. - With a Duldung, a private flat CANNOT be rented, because the holder is "actually" supposed to leave the country. This is no different in the case of relocation to another city. If, for example, you have lived and worked with a Duldung for 18 months (with a clarified identity and A2 language skills), you can apply for a Duldung for employment. This path offers the chance, even if it takes a long time, to get out of the toleration and into a legal residence. With regard to you, the question now arises: If your toleration has now been revoked and you are still allowed to work, what kind of residence title do you have? It may be important for you to clarify this first. Unfortunately, the public platform of WeFugees is not suitable for this, because more detailed personal information is necessary for a more concrete answer. So if there are further questions for you, you are welcome to contact me via the app mbeon. For this more in-depth, confidential and data-secure individual counselling, you can find more detailed information under my profile. I wish you all the best and much success. Best regards Gabriele
answered Jun 20, 2022 by mbeon-Gabriele
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