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i have got my Ausbildung Contract as Altenpfleger in Dresden . i want to know about Umverteilung. i have did in Feb 2017 in my Ausländerbehörde Pirna shift to Dresden. i have got rejection from Zentrale Ausländerbehörde Chemnitz in June 2017 after that i did klage against it. now i will not earn much during my Ausbildung . i have asked Sozialamt Pirna for money to pay but they told me to you have to terminate your Dresden Wohnung contract and we will shift you with other people around Landkreis Sächsische Schweiz - Osterzgebirge Städte.

The thing is my Klage is still running and if i move out. will it effect in court during case hearing as i have got already Beschluss from court in which Landesdirektion wants my klage to be rejected .

can you please suggest some help or information, what should i do further ?

PS : i am still staying in Dresden but Aufenthaltsgestattung hold my old residing address (HEIM)

asked Apr 29, 2018 in Legal advice by Dreamchaser

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