Good afternoon. I plan to come to Germany after 01.09.
I have a remote job, but I want to get permission to stay in Germany for more than 3 months. What help can I expect from the state? Will the state help me find an apartment (I understand that it is not free)? Under what article should I apply to get permission? And how fast can I get it?
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Dear @IR, welcome to our Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. To answer your question well, there is more information needed. I saw that you have indicated that you speak Russian and Ukrainian. Are you coming from Ukraine? If it is so, you could apply for a residence permit according to §24 Residence Act. Looking forward to your answer. Best wishes, Julia

thanks Julia.
Can I ask questions in Russian or Ukrainian?
The most important question is: how can I find an apartment for rent to come to Germany?
Now I am in Ukraine. Can't find an apartment for rent in the city Aalen or a suburb of Aalen. When I come to Germany, can the state (job center) help me find an apartment for rent?
I am looking for an apartment for rent and I will pay for it myself
But I can't find any contacts and information on this topic. I can't go to a city where I don't have a place to stay

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Dear @IR

thanks for your answer. 

Finding an apartment is very difficult, especially in larger German cities. The situation is better in small cities, but finding an affordable apartment may be challenging and the Jobcenter will not assist you in finding a place to live. On this website you can find more information and tips on how to find an apartment in Germany: https://handbookgermany.de/uk/search-a-flat and https://handbookgermany.de/uk/ukraine-info?themes=accommodation 

Unfortunately, the demand for apartments is very high, so you can't apply for an apartment online, you have to do it in person after viewing the apartment. You've mentioned that you are looking for an apartment in Aalen. On this website I've found an address you can turn to, but unfortunately also in person: https://***.aalen.de/hilfe-fuer-die-ukraine.179148.25.htm 

I will also link my dear colleague @mbeon-Ruth here. Maybe she can add more information to my answer. 

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask me (also in Russian). 

Kind regards,


Уважаемая @IR

спасибо за Bаш ответ. Найти квартиру очень сложно, особенно в больших городах Германии. В маленьких городах ситуация лучше, но найти недорогую квартиру может быть непросто, и Jobcenter не поможет Вам в поиске жилья. На этом сайте Вы можете найти дополнительную информацию и советы о том, как найти квартиру в Германии: https://handbookgermany.de/uk/search-a-flat и https://handbookgermany.de/uk/ukraine-info?themes=accommodation.

К сожалению, спрос на квартиры очень высок, поэтому Bы не можете подать заявку на аренду квартиры онлайн, вам придется сделать это лично после просмотра квартиры. Вы упомянули, что ищете квартиру в Аалене. На этом сайте я нашел адрес, по которому вы можете обратиться, но, к сожалению, тоже лично: https://***.aalen.de/hilfe-fuer-die-ukraine.179148.25.htm 

Я также приведу здесь ссылку на мою уважаемую коллегу @mbeon-Ruth. Возможно, она сможет добавить больше информации к моему ответу. 

Если у Вас возникнут дополнительные вопросы, пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь задавать их мне (также на русском языке). 

С уважением, Юлия

answered Aug 17, 2022 by Julia_Wefugees
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