I'm a student from India. I'm in Germany with my student VISA (Type-D) which is valid until August 2022. I want to travel to UK and would like to apply for a UK visitor VISA. I still have not received my residence permit or the Fiktionsbescheinigung.

My question is will my UK VISA application be rejected because i don't have my residence permit or Fiktionsbescheinigung?

And If I manage to get a Fiktionsbescheinigung in few weeks, is there any possibility that my application will pass through?

Thanks in advance.


asked Jun 14, 2022 in Legal advice by ash_wath | 587 views
Dear @ash_wath, welcome to Wefugees and thank you for you question. I will link my dear colleague @mbeon-Gabriele here, maybe she can answer your question soon. All the best, Julia.

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Hi @ash_wath, I could not unfortunately find any information about whether it is possible to obtain a visa for the UK with a German type D visa. You can contact the British authorities with questions about visas here: https://***.gov.uk/contact-ukvi-inside-outside-uk/y/outside-the-uk/something-else/english As for the Fiktionsbescheinigung, this would not change the situation. A Fiktionsbescheinigung in your case would mean your visa continues to be valid after expiry until the Ausländerbehörde have come to a decision on whether to issues you with a residence permit. Depending on the visa processing times for the UK and the status of your application at the Ausländerbehörde, you could start the process and then hopefully have the permit in time to submit it to the British authorities. Best, Éanna
answered Jun 17, 2022 by mbeon-Éanna
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