Please a friend of mine need a Betreuer in Bayern, around würzburg, dettelbach, kitzingen, iphofen distrinct.. because he has some family issues to discuss with the Betreuer for help.
asked Jun 4 in Legal advice by Kesskester28
@bro , i en know the meaning of 25 paragraph lol.. 2 years from now I will be 8 years here in germany...
@felise, so u want to wait to be 8yrs here b4 having ur stay,? 25parag is like humanitarian ur local city normally grant it.. blood, mind u german ladies are like flower and any tym can 6'0clock... so, quickly find a way to do ur verificatn and go for ur visa bcos if u go wth ur kid it will be faster.. bcos, ur woman can just wake up one day and say she is tired and no more interested... be wise!
@kesskester28 is it a must that i must verify my document? Or its so if someone want to come back to Germany with family visa , they must verify his her documents ? I ask because ausländerbehörde has never tell me to verify my document. I will wait , if they remove my permit then i will verify my documents , and apply for Nigerian passport in Berlin for my daughter since i will be going with her , ... only if they take away my permit ... but if they don't, i will stay and wait for court case . So I can work and save more money . Thanks for the advice but definitely i will do as u said before i go by verifying my papers and taking my daughter with me, my woman agree for me to take her if only worst come to worst...
I understand your point about german women ... but I still believe in God... and ur advice... verifying and taking my daughter with me

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Dear @Kesskester28,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us.

I assume with "Betreuer" you refer to a counsellor? If I am right, your friend may use this search engine to find a close-by refugee/migration counselling office. In Germany, a "Betreuer" (or gesetzlicher Betreuer) is a legal representative for an adult person and determined by a court. The "Betreuer" is dealing with all kinds of important issues a person can not handle alone (anymore).

In case I did not understand your question correctly, please don't hesitate to get back to me.

All the best,


answered Jun 5 by Meike
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