Dear Sir/Madam,

My resident permit will expires on the 10th of May 2022 and I'm currently holding 25Abs.1 of the residency Act through integration. I'm currently working since last year,  The Ausländerwesen have sent me the Formula for the renewal of my Aufenthaltstitel.  Have filled the application and sent back all the necessary documents they ask for.

I have not giving an appointment for my fingerprints,  but  today I receive the Fictionsbescheinigung for 6 month's.

My question is:

Can I travel with my Fictionsbescheinigung to other EUROEPAN COUNTRY?

I have 6 Month's UK VISA and I just returned back from UK last month.

Can I travel to the UK with my Fictionsbescheinigung?

asked Apr 30, 2022 in Legal advice by Gago | 784 views
Hello Gago sorry can I have your contacts maybe email I’m trying to apply for uk visit visa I don’t know the steps to take. Is it necessary I must have a huge balance on my bank account? Normally I work and my salary goes in my bank but I don’t save there I take it out I will be very glad to read from u thank you

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Hi @Gago

thank you for reaching out to us again. 

I assume that you have received a Fiktionsbescheinigung according to §81 Abs. 4 AufenthG? In this case, you are allowed to travel with your valid travel document or passport to the UK, as long as your Visa is still valid. I hope my answer helps, otherwise feel free to contact me again.

All the best, 


answered May 3, 2022 by Ju_K
thank you Julia
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