Hey, this might be a stupid question, but my Ukrainian driving licence is valid in Germany, isn't it? Maybe I have to register somewhere, I don't know. I would be very grateful for an answer. 

Best wishes Viktoriya

asked Apr 14 in Information & Offers by Viki_Kysil

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Hey Viktoriya,

If you have a valid driving licence, you are permitted in Germany to drive vehicles of the class for which your driving licence is issued. If you have an international driving licence, there is no need to carry a translation with you; if you have a national, Ukrainian driving licence, you need a translation of it. Caution! Your driving licence is valid only for the first six months when you register an apartment in Germany.

Essentially, on expiry of the 6-month period, a driving licence issued in Germany is required. In general, in the case of a driving licence obtained in Ukraine, transfer of your foreign driving licence is conditional upon you passing the theoretical and practical driving test. From the driving licence authority responsible in the place where you live, you can find out which other supporting documents may be required for the application.

Have fun and drive carefully ! I wish you all the best.


answered Apr 14 by Jan Vo.
Thank you for helping me Jan
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Hello @Viki_Kysli,

welcome here, thanks for using Wefugees - and for a very important question!

In general, your driving licence is valid for six months here. But, as the Department of Motor Vehicles points out, you're  principally not allowed to drive without insurance. Nevertheless, there will be some need to drive your vehicle, e.g., when you have to move. For that reason an initiative of German insurance companies has been started, that will cover potential damages until 31 of May.

You have to apply for a driving licence issued from German authorities before the six-month period expires. Please ask someone at your place for the address where to do so.

What is much more important:is the following: Without a liability insurance (Internationale Karte für den Kraftverkehr - International insurance card for motor transport) you shouldn't even dream of starting your car (after having entered German territory). The insurance is known here under the name "Green Insurance Card". You can get it here, under the condition that you had a liability insurance in Ukraine:


Please read the information carefully, which is also available in Ukrainian.

Hopefully, I could clarify your question.

I hope my answers were helpful and I’ll be very pleased if you contact me again with further questions. I'm a member of the mbeon-staff and I‘ll be glad to guide over a longer period of time. mbeon is an online advisory service for migrants via the mbeon-app, which you can download on your smartphone for free. You'll find me in the mbeon-app under my location „München” and then my name “Frau Müller“ and get confidential one-to-one advice in a safe virtual room where nobody can read messages. For further information please visit www.mbeon.de.

Best regards

answered Apr 14 by mbeon-Christine
Thank you for the helpful information Christine!
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