Dear team,
I regret to inform you that my family reunification visa application with my spouse was denied. Advise urgently, I'm feeling depressed

I live in Germany under subsidiary protection and some months ago my spouse applied for family reunification visa unfortunately it was denied that I don't have enough financial means. I would like to ask if  it is criteria for someone living under subsidiary protection to be having enough money to get visa approved.


asked Apr 6, 2022 in Legal advice by Malcolm | 783 views
@Malcolm, sorry about that.. where is ur origin? And how long did it take for the visa application? Is your family having A1 result? Are u working at all? Did Auslanderbeholden sent to **** how big is ur accommondation?

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I'm from rwanda. Normally it has take too long because we applied since August last year and decision was made this week. Yes my spouse has A1 and I have part time job hoverer there still some benefits I'm still receiving from job center. Auslanderbeholden didn't come to see my house but it is big because it has 2 rooms. Thank you.
answered Apr 6, 2022 by Malcolm
@Malcolm, did the German Embassy do the verification process withing August after you applied? Because normally Verification process takes almost 6months. So, am sure thats why ur application took long. Just appeal against it
Yes, we sent all documents in 5/8/2021 and decision was made yesterday. I'm very disappointed
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