thank you as always for your help..
my situation as short as possible
I am a 26 years old guy ..from Syria
they deported me to Greece  2 weeks ago after 6 years in germany ... and my parents are in germany .. cause I have asked for asylum there
I have an expired Greek permit from 2018 ..
when I came here they didn't help me with anything
.. not even a legal documentation  ..
so I have been sleeping at the airport since then ..
today on Sunday they came and kicked out from the airport. . with no money or valid documents. .
I also recorded every thing .. for the last 2 weeks until now ... even when the police kicked me ..
now renown the permit here will take from 1 to 2 years ..
in normal. .
I have found a corrupted employe who will finish it for me in 2 weeks maybe ..
all of that I do have a prove for it ..
any way. . when I will have that I will be able to travel in th EU ..
but my question if I came to Germany is there an entering ban on me  
when they deported me they didn't give me any thing .. and the officer said I can come legally. .
but the the desation I did got a 1.5 year ago .. I guess it said 1 year ban starting from the moment of deportation. ... ot was 5 years .. but the administr court said it's too long or something. .
anyway as soon as I got my permit I am coming. . i guess i go to Denmark then fly back from there .. with or without ban ...
cause living on the streets is not an option  ..  for many reasons. . some are personal also ..
so my urgent question is .. if there is a ban .. and I got scanned by the airport police .. legally is there any thing I can do ..
and what charges I will got ..and is there anyway to avoid that

for the long term cause I am planning to ask again for asylum. . any advice will be appreciated
asked Mar 27, 2022 in Asylum proceedings by Meltomm | 169 views

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Dear Meltomm, 

In a short research I was able to find out that an entry and residence ban (Wiedereinreisesperre) usually does not last longer than five years ( § 11 Residence Act (AufenthG)). The residence ban is usually one year when it is issued for the first time. 
Further information on the residence ban can be found here: 


The entry and residence ban can be lifted or the time limit can be shortened. 

In the event of unauthorized entry, you can be turned back at the border (refoulement; §§ 14, 15 AufenthG).

However, I read from your last question that your case is more complicated than that and that you have already contacted Sweden, Greece and German authorities as well as Proasyl and other help organizations. In order not to discuss your concern in two questions at the same time I would say that we are in this question: 

discuss further. 
I hope you are well. 

With kind regards 

answered Oct 10, 2022 by Saskia Wefugees
thank you very much for your reply ...

unfortunately I reached a stage where I am sure there was a " ban " issued by Germany for some reason ...
the problem for me now is that Greece is saying that they can't renew my residence permit or issue me a travel document as long as the ban still active ...
now my question is this legally accurate. .. ??!
currently I was informed by the Greek authorities that they sent a request to Germany to remove the alert on 29/9
and according to Indeed, art. 49 section 3 of DECISION 2007/533/JHA of the EU Council provides that:

“If a Member State has evidence that such data contains factual errors or has been unlawfully transmitted, it shall inform the reporting Member State as soon as possible, through the exchange of additional information, and within 10 days of obtaining such elements. The latter verifies the communication and, if necessary, corrects or deletes the data in question without delay”..

we should get a reply soon ...
but today I connected with the foreigners office in the area where I used to stay .. as I was informed by the bamf & federal police .. that they are the only office who can left the alert ...
and this was their reply ... Sehr geehrter Herr Ali,
leider ist für uns nicht ganz ersichtlich, wie genau wir Ihnen weiterhelfen können. Sie wurden rechtmäßig nach Griechenland abgeschoben. Eine Abschiebung löst eine Sperrfrist aus, sodass es Ihnen nicht gestattet ist erneut in das Bundesgebiet einzureisen oder sich darin aufzuhalten. Eine Löschung der Ausschreibung im SIS kommt aufgrund der bestehenden Einreisesperre nicht in Betracht.
Hey Meltomm,
how long has it been since you left germany?
they deported me in 17/03/2022
Dear @Meltomm, I am really sorry to hear what happened to you. As I can see from the previous questions, your case is not easy to answer. Even for our experts in the framework of our platform, because they can't **** into all your documents. Have you tried contacting the organization Equal Rights Beyond Boders, or can we help you with the mediation somehow? I will link @meike and @mbeon-éanna again, maybe they have new insights and can give you another tip. I will also collect all the information I know about you under your last question to make it as simple as possible for our experts. I will also collect all the information I know about you under your last question to make it as simple as possible for our experts. We will continue to discuss your last question. All the best and take care of yourself, Saskia
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