Hello, I am looking for ways to get my old non-EU parents to Germany. I read about the path some people take through Ausbildung and then getting a skilled-worker visa. I have 3 questions:

  1. How realistic is it to get an Ausbildungsvertrag when 63 years old?
  2. How realistic is it to get a permission from Ausländerbehörde to start an Ausbildung program?
  3. I found a few short-term Ausbildung programs (e.g. Desinfektor 4 months duration, for a fee), does it really count as a full-fledged Ausbildung to then become a skilled-worker? Or do only 3+ year programs count from the legal point of view?
Let me know if you know other ways how to bring parents to Germany, maybe by opening a small shop as a business (?)
asked Mar 16 in Education by Olha B

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