heyy i have a temporary resident permit in spain and i found a Ausbildung in germany with contract of 3 years do i have the right to take the temporary resident in germany ?
asked Oct 6, 2021 in Legal advice by Lima | 901 views

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Dear @Lima

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us.

Without knowing your background or at least your type of residence permit in Spain, it is hardly possible to give more concrete advice. However, I am afraid that you most probably don't have "the right" to make an "Ausbildung" (vocational training) in Germany automatically with holding a Spanish temporary residence permit. Nevertheless, you might be able to apply for a respective visa at the German embassy in Spain and subsequently for a residence permit. As I am not an expert on these topics, I will link two of my colleagues here as well. Dear @mbeon-fardeen or @mbeon-Ruth, can you help out?

You may also check the "Make it in Germany" website for more information.

All the best,


answered Oct 18, 2021 by Meike
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Dear @Lima, I agree with Meike. You need a visa to make the Ausbildung in Germany. With your temporary residence your are only entitled to visit Germany as tourist (3 months). You can also check the german residence act, section 16a. Regards mbeon-Ruth
answered Oct 19, 2021 by mbeon-Ruth
Many thanks for your quick reply, dear @mbeon-Ruth! :-)
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