I'm now very involved in the whole Ukraine situation

My friends in Ukraine heard on the news that Germany will take refugees now. They have asked me to help figure out how to get them there. They have a disabled son and it looks like the whole family will be able to leave because of that. Even the men. Does anyone have any info?

Once they get to Poland- if one does not have a passport can they go from Poland to Germany?

What does Germany require? They have ID but one of their passports is currently in Kiev and they aren’t able to get it.
asked Feb 28 in Asylum proceedings by Laura23

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I just got a few Information and want to share them with you too: 

  • I heard they can get new documents within 14 days of reaching Poland. Here you should be able to find all the info https://www.gov.pl/web/udsc/ukraina
  • Deutsche Bahn is offering free rides from Poland to Germany
  • Don't apply for asylum in Poland, as you can stay in the EU for 3 months without it and the EU is debating to make the asylum procedure easier. Also Germany is working on an easier process. 
answered Feb 28 by Laura23
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