Hallo everyone,

I need Ur help I am Pakistani who living in Germany permanent residency visa (Niederlassung)and married with German woman legally I apply now German citizenship I already completed all requirements accept one that I'd they want me to register my German marriage in Pakistan I contact in Pakistan to concern people's they said I can't register until I trevel in Pakistan with my wife and problem is my wife csnt trevel bcoz she have panic problem and she have to take care her old father so she can't trevel my question is here what I can do I don't understand how to take next step.

Thx in advance

asked Jan 20, 2022 in Legal advice by Muhammadshoaib1811 | 875 views

Dear @Muhammadshoaib1811

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. 

Unfortunately, I never came across a similar situation before. In fact, I was not aware that German authorities may ask for the registration of a marriage in another country as requirement for the naturalization process in Germany. I will link my dear colleague @Alla_fka here - maybe she can give an advice or share some information. 

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I spoke with a councelling lawyer and she says that your marriage must definitely be registered with the authorities of Pakistan but it mustn't be in Pakistan itself. It can be normally made in the embassy. Perhaps it was misunderstanding and Einbürgerungsbehörde just meant you must register your marriage certificate with Pakistani authorities, which have their representation in Germany.

In this way it is normally not a problem at all.
answered Jan 31, 2022 by Alla_fka
Thanks alot for your information and quick response.i wrote an email to Pakistan embassy in Frankfurt they told me they don't register marriage there.
I spoke another consulting office they told me to apply online my new Pakistan national id card and update my marriage status after I finish the  process I get beschtätigung and that Beschäftigung I should send to Einbürgerungsbehörde I hope that's enough for them.
Thanks alot for your information it's very helpful for me.
I am really glad if I was able to help you with my comment. Thank you for this note, I've also learned something from your information about the online procedure. I really hope it will be ok now. Good luck!
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Hi. I was looking for the same topic on google and i found yours. Could you please help me where should i register my German marriage?

As you mentioned Pakistan embassy do not register it then who us respnsible for that.

Thank you waiting for response
answered Jun 8, 2022 by flecki
Hi Dear, The easiest and simplest way is  update your Pakistani national id card (NICOP) from single status to married and submit all Ur dacuments for example your married certificate etc. This thing you can do bothways online and consulte. After this process when Pakistan authorities approved your new NICOP with married status then you can go or send your family member to union counsel who concern your area in Pakistan. Ask them to give you marriage registration certificate MRC that's what you need for authorities here in Germany.

My suggestion and To make more easiest way for you just visit apna-helpoffice.de and contact them.
I hope it's helpful for you.
Good Luck
Hi Thank you very much for your reply.  So far I talk with union council and the responsible person will register it.  I have another question about address of mine and my wife on MRC .
We got married in Germany which address will be mentioned on MRC ?
Pakistani or German
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