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My asylum in Germany was rejected 2017 due to Dublin 111, but i was not deported back to the country which i first entered the EU, and through  out this period I was issued Duldung. On till April 2021 when the foreign office  sent me a  yellow develop containing  a letter  to leave the country within 7days. My question is, is possible to seek for another fresh asylum again  here in Germany or in another EU  and even  that of the first country I first entered? If yes, what  is the waiting period before applying again?  But my fiance still in Germany though she hasn't gotten her stay yet.

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asked Nov 24 in Legal advice by yonge78
Can you describe your situation more precisely ? As far as I know when you have a Dublin case you can't travel to responsible country on your own. You have to be handed over (deported), did you appeal the decision? Was the letter from foreign office or a decision from the court ? Do you posses any residence permit from eu countries ?

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The letter is from the foreign office, yes initially I  appealed  the decision  and it was also rejected but still no deportation was carried out,  all through this years since 2017 till April this year until  I received the letter  that i should  leave the country with 7 days or i will be forcefully deported to my home country.

Off course  no i don't  possess any EU document.
Please  I want to know if is possible to reaply for asylum again because  i left the i recive the letter and is almost 8months now. Or will my asylum still be counting till now despite  the ask me to leave?

Thanks  in advance
answered Nov 24 by yonge78
If the appeal got rejected then the 18 month countdown starts over from the day of the rejection.
That is if you were in hiding.
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