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Hello everyone,

Please I need your advice. I was doing my Master in the UK and in November 2015 I applied for asylum but withdrawn my claim in same day. In the year of 2014 I went back my home country Libya to visit my family and few days later a bloody war occurred and I was against the war and raised my voice so some armoured groups chased me and I managed to escape and went back to the UK. Once I completed my course I went to asylum centre in order to apply for asylum and they took my finger print and photo, while I was waiting for my turn to the interview I got a phone call from my family telling me that my brother was in a critical condition and was transported to a neighbour country so I asked for my passport back and signed some document and left the place. and few days later I left the entire country before the expiry of my visa.

My question is that: is it possible or impossible for me to get a UK visa ever again? note that I now live in Asian country as my wife is from Asia.    

Sorry for the long story but I just tried to explain why I withdrawn my claim in same day!

Many thanks
asked Dec 14, 2019 in Legal advice by will

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