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I earlier opened a thread concerning my resident permit through my child who derived unbefristet from her mother and both the mother and child will be german ab 3.03.2022 , after i have received a year Duldung the court wants us to appear for administrative clearance in janauary. I live together with child and mother and we have our adress together, her mother works as a nurse and she get night schift also . Moment i take care of the child while her mum goes to work  i am also in integration kurs and will finish in juni 2022 .

My question is , is it positive we are appearing before the judge and is my chance high in getting a resident permit ?
asked Nov 10, 2021 in Legal advice by Albertz
@Albertz, you dont need to be scared.. have you applied for a residence before? Are you in Bayern? Let us know how the court went once u are done..
I am in hessen , Frankfurt am main . My lawyer applied for resident permit for me through my child .
Okay.. where you in court before? And how long have you been fighting for this? Bro, please let me also know the questions you will be ask in court once you are done.. because am in same shoe.

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