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I come from Ghana and I read Ghana is a safe country.i came to Germany December 2015 and February 2016 I apply for asylum but I was rejected.I did appeal and again was rejected since then I was holding Aufenthaltgestatung until recently I was given duldung.I got posted to a district which I now receive asylum benefit.This month am having twins with my german gf.My lawyer applied Aufenthalterlaubnis 6 month ago.we went to do the vaterschaft but the notar wrote to the Auslanderbehörde and it was aussgesetz (suspended) pending investigation.I receive another letter that is eingestelt.Am done with the vaterschaft and the sorgereecht which we both have custody of our twins.Again I receive letter from BAMF through my district to participate in integration course which am done with B1 now waiting for the einburgerung zertifikate.Still will I be sent back home? Because the auslander asking me to submit my passport.we use my pass in doing the vaterschaft but am afraid to give to the auslanderamt also I intend given to my that a good idea? Going to see my gf always am given the chance.
asked Jul 22, 2018 in Legal advice by Moy

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Congratulations on your twins, the authorities know you have overstayed your welcome but will not deport you. Your finger print is already in the system if you got the visa from Ghana and have gone through the asyl process. If you have your pass you can submit it although you should expect some delays in the procedure if they decide they want to investigate why it took you over stayed your visit. But ultimately they won't deport you don't be afraid. Some Ghanaians like to use a brand new passport in these situations but it is not really necessary. The wait to get a new one at the Ghanaian embassy can be long and frustrating.
answered Dec 13, 2018 by Afromum
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