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I am a syrian i have been in Germany with my parents for five years... I got a second refusal more than a year ago because I was recognized as a refugee in Greece.. While my father got approval from the Administrative Court of the Bath in Germany, even though we are in the same situation.. since then  The lawyer said that the situation is good and the decision is positive and I have to apply for a residence permit.. and there is no need to appeal the decision.. “I later found out that the decision was a refusal.” Recently the lawyer sent a request to the Foreigners’ Office to grant me residence according to 23 2 .... they asked for a proof that I was recognized as a refugee in Greece.. I sent it to them.. Today they sent me a message saying that even if proof was submitted that I hold asylum in Greece.. I cannot be granted a permit according to 23 2 .. the only permit possible is according to 60a 2 satz 1 ... What  that mean ?, and is it my fault the  lawyer failure to appeal and his misunderstanding of the decision ??!

Although there were cases similar to mine recently in Münster ... and Saxony ... where the Supreme Court ruled not to deport to Greece .. If the lawyer had pursued the appeal, we might have achieved the same result
asked Oct 15, 2021 in Asylum proceedings by Meltomm

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Hello Meltomm,
Section 60a (2) Satz 1 means that you will be issued a Duldung according to this section in the German residence law.
As long as your deportation is impossible due to factual or legal reasons you will be issued this kind of Duldung.

Hope my response will help to clear your doubts.
answered Oct 15, 2021 by Great Man
Can I obtain a residence permit according to 25 5 .. as I do not find a difference between the conditions of both situations ... I am not the reason for the impossibility of deportation and I have been in Germany for 5 years ..
Not Really 25.5 is issued for People Holding duldung 60a 2 Abs 3
.So what does that mean? Will I be deported .. Or will I continue to carry this duldung  forever or is there another residency that I can request .. Because the current duldung that I had it for about a year and lasts for 6 months each time
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