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Hello Everyone,

I live in Germany since 2015 and last month I've received my second rejection for my asylum request.

Next week I have an appointment in order to get the Duldung. I’ve worked for more than 2 years, I’ve got B2 and now I’m doing my Ausbildung (since August, 2021).

Is it possible NOT to apply for the “Ausbildungsduldung” and apply for the 25B instead? I gave them all the documents in order to clarify my identity (Birth certificate, ID, driving license and my Bachelor degree).

I’m supposed to be, unfortunately, “stateless”. I am from Palestine but never been there (we are not allowed) and was born and raised in Lebanon as a refugee. However, it is still written “Ungeklärt” as a nationality on my Aufenthaltgestattung.

Next week I complete my full 6 years in Germany. Any advices? do I have any chance to get the 25B? is there any other ways? I live in NRW and I heard that it possible to apply after 6 years (must not be 8 years) in NRW.

Sorry for the long message and I appreciate your help.

Best wishes
asked Sep 23 in Asylum proceedings by W92
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Hello B92
Unfortunately you are not yet qualified to apply for residence permit in accordance with section 25B of the residence Act.
The 6 years period of residence apply to those living with children and the 8 years residence time limit is for people who don't live with children.
But can check if it's possible for you to apply for residence permit in accordance with section 25 (5) instead.

Wish you good luck.
answered Sep 23 by Great Man
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