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Hello ..
 Thank you for your help as always .. I would like to consult you about the latest thing that happened to me .. I have lived in Germany for 4 years .. I had one rejection .. I appealed it .. Recently I received the administrative court's decision .. Unfortunately the lawyer said that . I should go and apply for residency .. After 4 months the office of foreigners asked me to come and they said that they want to give me a Duldung .. I refused and I said I want to consult a lawyer .. I was today with the lawyer .. He told me to go and got the  Duldung.. and he said  I promise you "We will obtain a residency permit "  Literally !!... knowing that my file is now closed ... because the lawyer didnt appel the case  ...Because he thinks we have somehow achieved our goal
I am afraid to go and get the  Duldung... and I do not think that I have any sin if this was a refusal and the lawyer did not appel it .. In addition to that, is what the lawyer said is realistic ... knowing that I am 25 years old I do not work .. My parents are with me and we did  the administrative court session in the same  room, but because I am over 25 years old, we have separate files .. My parents decision was positive .. But mine decision was that they accepted one article of the appeal According to the lawyer, the court said .. yes, he can be deported to Greece .. but because his parents are here .. he will not be deported, so they accepted 1/5 of the appeal .. the article was withdrawn (Aufenthaltsgesetz - AufenthG)
§ 11 Einreise- und Aufenthaltsverbot .. Note that when I was in the foreigners ’office .. the employee told me after a lengthy search and a question to his boss .. There is no " Aufenthalts tittel ".. I hope your advice on this matter...
asked Feb 18 in Asylum proceedings by Meltomm

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