Hi Wefugees community,

I wanna go to ausländerbehörde and ask for a new resident permit card (instead of a lost one), in their website there's so option for booking an appointment for such a reason,
my friend have called them and they told her that the best I can do is to fill a "contact us" form in the website explaining my problem and asking for an appointment, I did so -2 months ago- and no one ever contacted me.
what could be a solution ?
my last experience with going there without an appointment ended up at going there two days in a row at 3 am in the morning.  and I'm not going to do this again in this cold, not mentioning being absent from my job.
I also heard about the new building? is that true, are things easier after the new building ?
asked Jan 10, 2017 in Legal advice by Akram.f11 | 1,452 views
Hi @Akram.f11 =) Good to read from you again, even if it's about bureaucracy ;) You live in #Berlin ? which new building you mean? I'll try to contact a couple of friends and understand if something else could be done =)

Hi @Paolo, yes it's always me with the hard question :)
Yes, I live in Berlin, sorry I forgot to mention that.
not sure if it's true, but I heard that there will be a new building as an extension of the old center and to separate specific functions into a new place.
Thanks a lot mate!!
Oh, I didn't hear about that! I'll try to get a couple of more eyes on your question now =)

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Hi Akram,

you could try to apply for a registration date:


You are right, there is a new building (extension) since January, located in Darwinstraße. It is probably too early to say whether things will get better now, but they have also considerably increased their staff, so in theory it should. But maybe you can tell us afterwards?
answered Jan 12, 2017 by Marcel
Hello Marcel,
Thanks for you answer,  isn't that email address -in the link above- for registration for refugees who still didn't receive their resident permit yet ?
do you suggest to drop them a question (although I have a different issue) ?

that's correct, also the LAF is normally not in Charge for this (they handle accomodation) rather the Lageso is in charge. But I thought it may be a way to get a quick appointment and then you can take it from there. But you should make it clear in the form that you are having a slightly different request.
As long as we know for the moment there is no way to get an appointment beforehand (unless you wake up early). Perhaps somebody will have more tips. I'm asking now a few more collegues about it but so far Marcel's link is the best you can try and hopefully they can redirect you from there. Let us know how they answer
@Marcel, Alright I will do that and write the update here if they answer me.
@Marcel, well. the good thing that it was a very quick answer, the bad thing is that they can't help me in this, basically the reply was instructing me to make a police report (which i already have) and listing the auslanderbehorde opening hours...
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