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My brother who has been living in Germany for 5 years got his asylum seeker
application rejected,if he moves to uk, will he be returned to Germany,and can he seek asylum at UK?
If he applies for asylum seeker in UK, will he be returned to Germany under debulin regulation?
asked Aug 13 in Asylum proceedings by Elwand
Hello i have the same qustion for my brother. His asylem got rejected 3 times and now he has 30 day time to leave germany. Can he apply asylem in other contries like holland or italy without the fear of rejection and deportation.?

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If think United Kingdom cut off ties with European union. Therefore its not that a straight forward task to use a Dublin article. That's why for weeks now UK gov strike a deal with France government to try to stop asylum seekers to enter English channel (water from France).
I think a chance of being deported back to Germany is very slim. Most of time they push people back to France if caught in border. The other issue its depend if asylum seeker gt caught at a border check point or manage to get in and walk in immigration office. The treatment of this two situations its not the same at all.
This is only my opinion and some facts from news.
answered Aug 19 by Cockington
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