I am staying illegal in Germany and my girlfriend has given birth to my child which we have done a DNA test and the result is positive..I want to have my Vaterschaftsanerkennung and sorgerecht done but I don't have a valid ausweiss, so I need a good Notar that can help me get it done without involving the authorities ( ausländerbehorde)
asked Aug 1, 2021 in Legal advice by Des74 | 508 views
Congratulations on the safe delivery of your child. Depending on your city... From from experience, firstly you must hire a good immigration lawyer, handover the DNA results to him, he shall forward it to the auslande office  informing them that you have a German child.  Auslande shall issue you a duldung to legalise you, then you can proceed on your vaterschaft. But before then, go get your passport ready because notar will not register you without a passport.
So firstly,  go get passport,  high a strong lawyer, and he shall be the one to finish everything for you...

Because if you go to notar without a passport or ausweiss, they shall definitely contact your foreign office before they do anything, in that case it's risky for you because you are illegal which is against the law....
So , it's a lawyer that can help u..
Hallo l have a question too. Can you do the Vaterschaftsanerkennung and sorgerecht before the baby is born?
I try to do it before my baby was born...but the stadt of my girlfriend refuse to make it for us because I was nor having a valid ausweiss
Thank you. l also l asked the social today and they said l can do the Vaterschaftsanerkennung and sorgerecht six weeks before due date. l am sorry my brother l wish you the best.
If you are living illegal don't do anything until your baby is out of the womb. Because if you bring out your passport before the baby is born, they can still deport you and ask you to apply for family reunion visa... Social will not tell you this. Just an advice... Goodluck
My baby is born already...and I just want to be sure if it safe in doing a Vaterschaftsanerkennung with a notar being illegal?
I have answered that question already... I was in your position, so I have the experience and I have advised you based on experience... That's all I can say...
Do you know any good lawyers around NRW that you can help me with because ..I really appreciate your concern
There are 2 good lawyers in duisburg. Either of them can help you
OK...Good morning...I appreciate your effort..please can you send me there contacts on my email. omonaghi@yahoo.***
I will do that in the evening when am back from work... Good morning and have a nice day
OK...thanks , have a nice day also
I have sent a message to your mail...
Hello @Donmorris I’m at the similar situation please cAn you email me on my mail brother? arreysamuel112@gmail.*** Thanks

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Dear @Des74,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again. 

In case you live in or around Berlin, I can recommend you to contact the “Zentrum für sexuelle Gesundheit und Familienplanung“ in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Please follow the link for brochures in many different languages. They are quite experienced in this field and can provide contact details of potential notary services. 

Nevertheless, I hope that you also read the information and advice my dear colleague Alla gave you on your earlier question?

All the best,


answered Aug 8, 2021 by Meike
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