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I am staying illegal in Germany and my girlfriend has given birth to my child which we have done a DNA test and the result is positive..I want to have my Vaterschaftsanerkennung and sorgerecht done but I don't have a valid ausweiss, so I need a good Notar that can help me get it done without involving the authorities ( ausländerbehorde)
asked Aug 1 in Legal advice by Des74
There are 2 good lawyers in duisburg. Either of them can help you
OK...Good morning...I appreciate your effort..please can you send me there contacts on my email.
I will do that in the evening when am back from work... Good morning and have a nice day
OK...thanks , have a nice day also
I have sent a message to your mail...

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Dear @Des74,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again. 

In case you live in or around Berlin, I can recommend you to contact the “Zentrum für sexuelle Gesundheit und Familienplanung“ in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Please follow the link for brochures in many different languages. They are quite experienced in this field and can provide contact details of potential notary services. 

Nevertheless, I hope that you also read the information and advice my dear colleague Alla gave you on your earlier question?

All the best,


answered Aug 8 by Meike
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