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I had Dublin and got letter for deport than I flee and hiding since than but now my dublin is finished and my deportation transfer date in already passed. Than i contact with Kreis for renews my document but want address but I do not have any address. Without address they can’t register me. Now what can I do? Where should I go ?

Thank you for your time
asked 6 days ago in Legal advice by Paris0099

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Hi Paris,
I think you will have to go to any asylum seekers reception center in your region to to reregister as as asylum seeker.
I guess your file is no longer available at your previous place of residence or your file has remained inactive for very long period of time, because you left by yourself.
answered 6 days ago by Great Man
Thank you very much for your answer.yes its been long time but BAMF send letter my Kreis  that Germany is now responsible for my asylum. if I go reception center now will i have to stay in Camp and need to tell my story again?
Is there any chance to deport? can I get reception center address in Colonge please?
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