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I applied for asylum in germany a year a half ago but my asylum got rejected due to the Dublin regulation.
I faced deportation so I had to escape it.
right now I have no options and have no where to turn to and my health is very bad.
I am thinking of applying again in germany.
is thats possible and what is going to happen with me?
my deportation was 10 months ago.
asked Jul 5, 2021 in Asylum proceedings by kenanalmokdad

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If more than 18 months had passed since other country accepted you and you didn't apply for asylum in another Eu country and don't have a residence permit in one of those countries and you didn't appeal the first decision then probably Germany gonna be responsible for your asylum. But it can happen that they still deny the fact that 18 months had passed and would try to send you to responsible country and charge you for illegal stay. You better consult a lawyer.
answered Jul 6, 2021 by luckyjoker
edited Jul 6, 2021 by luckyjoker
i had similar problem but different can  I ask you here?
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