hi . iam from syria . i came to germany since 2016 . i did had a dublin case cause i had asylum in greece . i had a rejection in germany in 2018 and since then nothing .is there any thing i could do now . for the court to give me an answer
asked Jul 5, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Meltomm

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it is very difficult to answer without knowing the details. In the last years many courts in Germany decided positively about people, who previously got asylum in Greece but left this county because of bad living conditions. In many cases such people got a ban on deportation to Greece from the court and could obtain a residence permit in Germany. But there were also negative decisions in similar cases.

The problem is that your case is probably fully rejected (it is not very clear from what you wrote, if you didn't make any appeal to the court against the negative decision of BAMF or the court decided negatively in your case.

If you are fully rejected, you can consult a good asylum lawyer or a special councelling center for refugees in your area and ask them what is possible in your case. With a new asylum procedure you can only have a chance if you provide evidence that the situation in Greece for people with asylum status has become worse. The other way is through integration (work, Ausbildung), naturally if you are not prohibited to work. There are many different possibilities which are very individual, depending on a concrete situation.
answered Jul 17, 2020 by Alla_fka
thank you for your comment ...
and for my case i only did got one decision ... and then i made an appeal .. and been waiting for more than 2 years .... today i did got a date for Verwaltungsgerichtsordnung court .. what dose that mean ? tnx
ok, I couldn't assess your situation properly, because there was so little information. As far as I understand now, you've just got a letter from the court with an appointment to the hearing. That means, your case hasn't been decided yet.
You should go to the court and answer the questions. They will probably ask you why you left Greece in spite of the fact that you got asylum there - and why you don't want to go back to Greece. Explain how miserable the situation was, what you experienced during your staying in Greece. Try to persuade them that it would be unhuman to send you back because it is under the human dignity to live there under such conditions. Look for the information how the situation is now, during the corona time, especially in the region where you stayed. Perhaps you know some refugees who live there now and can give you exact information.
If you have a lawyer, you should naturally discuss your hearing with him/her.
Good luck!
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