I recieved my Aufenthalt 2 months ago and for a moment im not working because i have a 4 months baby i recieve money from job center
I also have a child 14 years old in my home country and i would like to reunite with her.
Can i bring her here without working?
asked Jun 25, 2021 in Other Questions by Lilly | 618 views

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Waaa ok thankyou soo much im trying to come out of there
Yes i asked the lawyer hebjust said just the same
answered Aug 4, 2021 by Lilly
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Dear @Lilly,

Thank you for reaching out to us again. 

The conditions for family reunification depend on the type of residence permit a person holds (we discussed a similar situation here).

To give you more detailed information, we might need the section of the law your residence permit was issued accordingly.

In general, I would always recommend to get individual advice and support by a migration counseling office or a lawyer. The family reunification procedure can get complicated and there are many details to consider. Please let us know if you need help in finding a counseling center in your area.

All the best, 


answered Jul 4, 2021 by Meike
thankyou soo much for the reply My Aufenthalt is sektion 28 for a german child parent
hi, did you get your answer also want to know l have a similar question?
Not yet im still trying
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Thankyouso much for quick response
My Aufenthalt is sec28 abs .1. s.1 no.3 thats what i have
answered Aug 4, 2021 by Lilly
Sist you can't bring anyone yet, you have to be working and be able to prove that you are independent, you pay your own bills, fund your cost of living, rent and everything and you can take care of her before they would approve it . From my experience you can't if jobcenter is responsible for you. But you can ask a migration lawyer tho but I doubt you can . Have a nice day :)
Liability people...............having kids without working, yet shes concern about bringing another kid to Germany........when are you going to start working?

Thats the trend, have kids every few years and be feeding fat on job center money.

Please go and get a a job
Hallo, You need to show how proof of employment for how long before you bring the child?
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