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Hallo wefugee.i have 2 children the first one i got with asyl who does not have paper is using duldung like me and the i left him i webt and got pregnant for a german man .now i have a 3 year aufenthalt but my first daught and her father are srll in duldung what can i do to help them to get their aufenthalt? If i give them my daughters passpot will they issue my daughter aufentaltmy  and if yes can also her dad get one through he
asked Jun 25, 2021 in Legal advice by Lilly

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Dear @Lilly

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for your question. 

I am afraid that not providing a passport for your daughter could be the reason why she is still holding a “Duldung” while you were issued a residence permit according to section 28 of the German Residence Act as mother of a German child. 

If your daughter was born in Germany, she may be able to receive a residence permit according to section 33 of the German Residence Act. Otherwise section 25 (5) could be an option. Do you agree dear @mbeon-Christine

In any case, please don’t hesitate to get back to us with any further questions.

All the best, 


answered Jul 4, 2021 by Meike
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